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Motörhead Road Crew Pale Ale 8 Pack

Motörhead Road Crew Pale Ale 8 Pack

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Motörhead Road Crew  • 8 Pack • 5% ABV

Road Crew is a Mosaic pale ale packed full of hoppy citrus aromas delivering a crisp, refreshing, superior taste to celebrate the spirit of the song and those who inspired it. “I just love the life I lead, another beer is what I need, another gig, my ears bleed, we are the road crew.” – Lemmy

Brewed by ALE ASYLUM out of Madison, Wisconsin. At ALE ASYLUM, we brew beers in the tradition of our friend Crusty Oldbrewer who sent us on this path: brew honest, brew like you mean it. Thus, our beer is brewed and bottled with our own hands on Madison’s North Side. ALE ASYLUM is unfiltered and all natural. We use no additives, preservatives, fruit, horse hooves, fish guts, or extracts.

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